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IPAL in a few words

IPAL Scientific Objectives

Continuing and capitalizing IPAL experience toward natural and medical image/information access, IPAL concentrates its research themes around two axes/teams: Medical Image UnderstandingPervasive Access and Wellbeing Management. The global framework is related to pervasive access to information, involving continuous learning algorithms, reasoning (visual reasoning, meta-rules and second-order rules…) and human-machine confluence. The exploration approach needs to be confluent for the user, enabling the generation of a new knowledge (cognitive medical image) or an active ubiquitous assistance approach (ambient assistive living).


CNRS delegation, allows French A/Profs and Profs  to join our CNRS lab in Singapore. For CNRS Research Fellows, applications are possible all the year long. Post-Doc positions are frequently available for specific projects or to reinforce our core competencies. Master interships positions are open every year. Scientists worldwide are welcome to join us.