Singaporean-French BioImaging Symposium - SFBI 2011

CNRS, France and A*STAR, Singapore via the IPAL lab and in association with UPD and NUS organize an international two-day workshop on bio-imaging from physics and signal acquisition issues to the visual exploitation of such biological/clinical images. This workshop will highlight the new acquisition devices, integrated software and processing platforms set up by first-class research teams mostly in Singapore and France. Special speakers from Europe or South East Asia will be invited to extend the circle of potential collaborations or to share experience. The proceedings of the seminar will be published within and the series Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing.

This joint workshop relies on the participation of two major university partners: University Paris Descartes - France (UPD), one of the world leading universities in Biological and Medical research and National University of Singapore (NUS), one of the world leading universities in Science and Engineering. The two national research centers are also key players of the event: A*STAR and JCO for the Singaporean part and CNRS for the French part.

The goal of this event is to establish or strengthen research and educational relationships between Parisian and Singaporean higher education partners about medical imaging. In addition, the workshop logically aims at establishing strong collaborations between these two world-class research locations. In particular, research projects carried out within the three consortia SBIC, BMRC and SERC located at Biopolis and Fusionopolis will be presented during these two days.

The French university partner (UPD) is currently setting up new research centers of excellence and a new master degree involving bio-engineering and bio-imaging topics:

  • a BioMedical Engineering Master Program with 100% of courses and examinations in English in the heart of Research Facilities in Paris and involving major Engineering High Schools:

  • a Research Center about Bio-Imaging with innovative imaging facilities like Electron Paramagnetic Resonance ( in French for now)

  • a Research Center of Excellence about NeuroSciences