On top of the different events below, IPAL is also organizing on a regular basis small seminars about various topics dealt with in the lab: from image analysis to pervasive computing. Check out the latest & upcoming meetings in our "Cross-Knowledge Seminars" page...

14th edition of IPAL-founded conference ICOST was held in Wuhan, 25-27 May

The 14th International Conference on Smart homes, Assistive Technologies, Robotics and Health telematics was hosted by Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China. Original founder of ICOST and co-organiser of the 13th edition in Geneva last year, IPAL actively took part in the organisation of the 14th edition, which kept the same focus on Inclusive Smart Cities and Digital Health.


IPAL is co-organizing ASONAM 2015, the 2015 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining, held August 25 to 28, at Télécom ParisTech, Paris France. Submit your paper by April 17, 2015! Full details on the conference Website.

May 11th, 2015

Time: 10am - 1pm
Venue: Fusionopolis, meeting room Potential, 13th floor Connexis North Tower (for externals, an ID will be needed at Fusionopolis lobby to get a visitor pass and access to the 13th floor).
The following topics have been tackled:
  • Thomas Boudier (IPAL I2R): Dynamical aspects in biological data : 5D imaging
  •  Ana García del Molino  (I2R): Retrieving episodic memories from first person view
  • Stéphane Lallée (A*Star): Towards the synthetic self: making others perceive me as an other


SinFra'2015 - "Inclusive Smart Cities and Digital Health", February 2015

Following the successful Singaporean-French Simposiums SinFra'2009, hosted in Singapore, and SinFra'2012 held in France. SinFra’2015  welcomes researchers, industrials and collaborators under IPAL organizations and those who wish to collaborate with IPAL. The symposium proposes outstanding Keynotes and Invited Scientific Sessions, related to relevant Singaporean – French common interest fields, illustrating the present and possible future activities in IPAL. 

European Congress on Digital Pathology, 18-21 June 2014, Collège des Bernardins, Paris

The European Congress on Digital Pathology is the biennial reference congress in the area of Digital Pathology, previously a joint event entitled: European Congress on Telepathology and International Congress on Virtual Microscopy. This event will take place on the 18-21 June 2014 at the Collège des Bernardins, close to île Saint-Louis, in Paris. This conference is traditionally involving worldwide INDUSTRY, RESEARCH and CLINICS participants [ECDP2014]. A special issue (entitled "Breakthrough Technologies in Digital Pathology") will be published in CMIG. Conference website


Following the successful Singaporean-French Simposium SinFra'2009, hosted in Singapore, SinFra'2012 will be held in France. SinFra’2012  welcomes researchers, industrials and collaborators under IPAL organizations and those who wish to collaborate with IPAL (Image & Pervasive Access Lab.). The symposium proposes outstanding Keynotes, Invited Scientific Sessions and one innovation session, related to relevant Singaporean – French common interest fields, illustrating the present and possible future activities in IPAL. Get more details and register for free at

19th Infocomm & Media Horizons

Leveraging Analytics to drive Business. The 19th Infocomm and Media Horizons (ICM Horizons) offers an exciting two-day programme with internationally known, high profile analytics pioneers and practitioners. ICM Horizons presents the who's who of Singapore's business analytics industry, and brings together industry thought leaders from Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, Revolution Analytics, SAP, SAS along with analytics practitioners from application verticals such as transportation, logistics, finance, and energy management. Our expert speakers will discuss key aspects of analytics including contemporary challenges, application case studies, pivotal technology trends, the emerging analytics landscape in Singapore, and visionary projections of the future. Read more at

Singaporean-French BioImaging Symposium - SFBI 2011

CNRS, France and A*STAR, Singapore via the IPAL lab and in association with UPD and NUS organize an international two-day workshop on bio-imaging from physics and signal acquisition issues to the visual exploitation of such biological/clinical images. This workshop will highlight the new acquisition devices, integrated software and processing platforms set up by first-class research teams mostly in Singapore and France. Special speakers from Europe or South East Asia will be invited to extend the circle of potential collaborations or to share experience. The proceedings of the seminar will be published within and the series Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing.