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Maria S. Kulikova
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC)

Maria Kulikova received the Masters degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics from Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) in 2005 and the Masters degree in Mathematics, Vision, and Learning from Ecole Normale Superieure Cachan (ENS Cachan), Paris, in 2006.

She recieved the degree of Doctor in Philosophy in Computer Science, specialised in Control, Signal and Image Processing, from University of Nice – Sophia-Antipolis. She prepared her PhD in the Ariana research team at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis Méditerranée. The subject of her PhD is 'Shape Recognition for Image Scene Analysis'.  Her PhD was prepared under direction of Dr. Josiane Zerubia and supervision of Dr. Ian H. Jermyn and Dr. Xavier Descombes.

Topics of interest: 
  • Image analysis: medical imaging, remote sensing
  • Machine learning: pattern recognition, classfication
  • Shape analysis

stem cell, histopathology, breast cancer, (high order) active contours, MPP, MCMC, shape, segmentation, object extraction, classification, super-resolution, tree/forest


Mail: maria[dot]kulikova[at]ipal[dot]cnrs[dot]fr