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Michal Mukawa
Research Assistant / PhD Candidate
Supervised by: 

Lim Joo Hwee

Michal is a scientist and engineer interested in cognitive vision, machine learning, and data analysis. His main research focuses on supporting and enhancing people's lives with computer vision and machine learning techniques embodied in mobile and wearable devices. UX research enthusiast.

Competences: computer vision, machine learning, human-computer interaction, user experience, user studies, data analysis

Main activities and responsibilities:
design, prototyping, and testing of cognitive vision systems (e.g., indoor navigation,   social interaction) that utilizes computer vision and machine learning; implementation on the systems on mobile and wearable devices (e.g., smartphones, Google Glass); planning, conduct, and analysis (quantitative and qualitative) of user studies.



Topics of interest: 

computer vision, user experience, machine learning, human-computer interaction, wearables