French Chamber launches Smart Health platform: French healthcare solutions in Singapore

On June 12th, the French Chamber of Commerce launched Smart Health, an online platform that brings together 35 French companies with around 150 products and services to address Singapore’s healthcare challenges.

As Singapore seeks to build a future-ready healthcare system, French actors across a diverse range of activities offer a comprehensive set of solutions to patients, wellness consumers and healthcare professionals.

IPAL, with its UbiSmart solution, positions itself as the pioneering digital platform for preventive health through its research Project City4Age. UbiSmart sets a solid ground in the field of preventive healthcare by empowering individuals and cities into an early detection of risks associated with frailty and ageing.

Smart Health aims to engage in a structured discussion to collectively envision innovative solutions that ensure the wellbeing of tomorrow’s citizens. Through several citizen journey’s Smart Health illustrates how these solutions could address Singapore’s healthcare priorities.

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