Smart Cities : which visions and models for the 21 century ?

20 Jun 2017

In partnership with The Straits Times and Business France, and in the presence of Vivian Balakrishnan, Singapore Minister of Foreign Affairs, in charge of the Singapore Smart Nation Initiative, Le Monde organized, on June 2nd in Singapore, a one day conference dedicated to innovation and smart-cities

at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. Engineers, sociologists, public managers, professors debated on urban transformations and governance issues for the 21st century. 

Morning Program:

9:00 – Welcoming words
Kishore Mabuhbani, Dean, Lee Kuan You School of Public Policy
Louis Dreyfus, CEO, Le Monde Group
Marc Abensour, French Ambassador in Singapore
9:15 – 10:00 - The Great Urban Transformation, objectives and tools
Overview of the huge transformations cities are going through with an evaluation of the impact of some tools used to change them.
Laurent Bouillot, Founder, CEO Siradel
Mounir Mokhtari – Paris-Singapore, IMT Researcher, Director of IPAL, a French-Singaporean joint Lab
Vikram Singh, Singapore, Regional Director for APAC, 100 Resilient Cities
Tan Sze Tiong, Singapore, Director, Environmental Sustainability Research, Housing & Development Board
Moderator Marion Moreau (President Sigfox Foundation)


French Chamber launches Smart Health platform: French healthcare solutions in Singapore

20 Jun 2017

On June 12th, the French Chamber of Commerce launched Smart Health, an online platform that brings together 35 French companies with around 150 products and services to address Singapore’s healthcare challenges.

As Singapore seeks to build a future-ready healthcare system, French actors across a diverse range of activities offer a comprehensive set of solutions to patients, wellness consumers and healthcare professionals.

IPAL, with its UbiSmart solution, positions itself as the pioneering digital platform for preventive health through its research Project City4Age. UbiSmart sets a solid ground in the field of preventive healthcare by empowering individuals and cities into an early detection of risks associated with frailty and ageing.

Smart Health aims to engage in a structured discussion to collectively envision innovative solutions that ensure the wellbeing of tomorrow’s citizens. Through several citizen journey’s Smart Health illustrates how these solutions could address Singapore’s healthcare priorities.

To know more about Smart Health:

IPAL hosts a Workshop on "Quality of Life in Urban Environments and Mobility"

24 Feb 2017

IPAL hosted a Workshop on "Quality of Life in Urban Environments and Mobility" on 20 of Feb 2017, with main French industry players (see programme below). 

International Workshop “Quality of Life in Urban Environments and Mobility” Independent Living & Ageing-Well
20 February 2017, 1 Fusionopolis Way 138632, Connexis South Tower,  INFUSE Theatre 14th floor
8:30 am: Welcome coffee
9:00 am: Session 1 – Which challenges and strategy for Urban Environments and Mobility?
Invited speakers

  • Carla Gohin, Head of Research & Innovation, PSA Group Innovation strategy, Paris
  • Doina Palici-Chehab, Chief Executive Officer, AXA INSURANCE, Singapore
  • Mobility as a key indicator in chronic diseases and ageing condition, Joaquim Bellmunt. IPAL lab

10:30 - 11:00 am: Coffee break - Networking
11:00 am: Session 2 – How Mobility influences Well-Being and Quality of Life?
 Invited speakers

  • Roger Zimmermann, School of Computing. National University of Singapore
  • Alexandre Parilusyan, Vice President Asia-Pacific South, Dassault Systemes

12 pm: Panel discussion – How to bridge the gap between Research & Innovation?
Chair: Mounir Mokhtari, IPAL, Singapore

Invited panelists:

  • Alexandre Parilusyan, Vice President Asia-Pacific South, Dassault Systemes
  • Christian Roux, Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation, Institut Mines-Telecom, Paris.
  • Toi Ngee, Chief Executive Officer, JUVO Labs Pte Ltd
  • Doina Palici-Chehab, Chief Executive Officer, AXA INSURANCE, Singapore

 13:00 pm: Lunch - buffet
2:00 pm: Optional: Informal discussions and demos @STARHOME: Smart Living lab for Ageing & Wellbeing
4:00 pm: Closing of the workshop

Drainbot - a NRF-funded drainage inspection solution for NEA hosted by IPAL

13 Sep 2016

IPAL team partners with NUS Biorobotics Lab and Singapore company HOPE Technik to design an innovative solution for NEA to facilitate drainage inspection.

The project aims at developing an operational system based on a robot with algorithms for autonomous sensing and analysis. The final objective is for the robot to be able to navigate effectively inside the roadside drainage system, and observe and capture any irregularities which may impede water flow. Led on the IPAL side by Dr Nizar Ouarti, particularly for the work on the vision, sensing and detection sub-systems, the project will be completed in August 2017. This project is supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF) Singapore, under its Test-Bedding and Demonstration of Innovative Research funding initiative.

Read more on the NUS Biorobotics Lab page
More on HOPE Technik

Bioimage Informatics Conference 2016 - Singapore, 10-12 October

25 Jul 2016

IPAL is co-organizing the BioImage Informatics Conference 2016 that will take place in Singapore (Biopolis), 10-12 October. Paper submission closed on 15 June.

The BioImage Informatics Conference aims to bring together researchers working in the area of informatics and researchers working in life sciences who uses microscopy as a tool in their research. We believe that such confluence of informatics and life science can make an impact in the progress of science. The BioImage Informatics Conference was started in 2005 for the purpose of bringing together researchers in diverse field, we will continue to focus on the multi-disciplinary nature of this conference especially on emerging technologies in both life science and informatics. Specically, the conference will cover the following themes:

  • Image analysis, computer vision and machine learning
  • Imaging and Microscopy
  • Database and distributed computing
  • Biophysics
  • Cell Biology

For more information and registration, please see the conference website:

Conference announcement (PDF)


"Ageing well" find out more about City4Age Project

22 Jul 2016

City4Age is a 30-month EU-funded research project involving several European laboratories, companies and municipalities. It aims at developing solutions for mild cognitive impairments and frailty in the elderly population, with the city as its scale of action

Both in Europe and in Singapore, societies are facing the combined pressure of a shrinking workforce and an ageing population whose well-being must be guaranteed. We believe that the city is the right scale of action to build effective support systems that both reduce the demand for elderly-care workforce while creating an inclusive environment for the elderly within their community. We envision user-friendly, minimally invasive solutions that detect early signals of frailty, mild dementia and behaviour changes to allow for prolonged ageing in place and improved well-being. Being a major member of the City4Age project allows us to develop these solutions in a collaborative environment with our European partners, while deploying and testing them in Singapore.

IPAL coordinates the Singapore pilot site that focuses on encouraging social activity for an engaged community in the HDB. It is also in charge of the validation plan for the City4Age end solution and business use cases (Prof Mounir Mokhtari is the project exploitation manager).

For more information:


French Légion d'Honneur conferred to A*STAR Chairman Lim Chuan Poh

8 Jul 2016

On July 7th, Mr Lim Chuan Poh received the medal of the Légion d'Honneur, a high French distinction, from H.E. the Ambassador Dubertret, for his major contribution to the Singapore-France relationship in the field of research and development.

Photo : Ambassade de France à Singapour

14th edition of IPAL-founded conference ICOST - Wuhan, 25-27 May

25 Jun 2016

ICOST is a top venue to present to, discuss and network with key researchers and stakeholders in the fields of smart environments, assistive technologies, robotics and health telematics systems. The conference welcomes participants with academic, clinical, industrial and policy background as well as caregivers and end-users to foster integrative approaches around a dynamic and hands-on program mixing keynotes and presentations with a healthy dose of demonstrations and technical exhibits.
Two worshops were held jointly: IW-SMART on smart rehabilitation technologies, and IW-MOHES on mobile health services.

Keynote speeches were delivered by:

  • Prof Michael Lightner, VP for Academic Affairs, University of Colorado, USA
  • Dr Simon M. Lin, Chief Research Information Officer at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, USA
  • Dr Warren A. Kibbe, Director of the Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology, NCI, USA
  • Alain Costes, Director of Standardization at AFNOR, France
  • Prof Sylvain Allano, Chief Scientific Officer at PSA Peugeot Citroën, France

Please refer to the ICOST website for more information, like the ICOST Facebook page for the latest updates and follow the Twitter handle @ICOST_conf for the live feed.

This edition was organised with the support of Renault, a major stakeholder in Wuhan.

IPAL hosts International Workshop on Translational Medicine for Ageing and Well-Being - 19 May 2016

20 May 2016

On 19 May 2016, IPAL welcomed its local and international research partners for a one-day international Workshop on Translational Medicine for Ageing and Well-Being. Find live-tweets and pics at @IPAL_SG.

8:30 am: Welcome coffee

Welcome address: Mounir Mokhtari, IPAL CNRS, Singapore

9:00 am: Session 1 – Sharing worldwide knowledge and experiences

Invited speakers
• Australian ecosystem on active ageing and wellness
Anne Livingstone, Global Community Resourcing, Australia
• Ambient Intelligence
Mohanraj Karunanithi, CSIRO, Australia
• Assistive technologies for ageing people with mild dementia
Bessam Abdulrazak, Sherbrooke University, Canada
• European Ageing and Wellbeing initiative
Maria Fernanda Cabrera, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

10:30 - 11:00 am: Coffee break - Networking

11:00 am: Session 2 – Singapore as a Smart Nation

Invited speakers
• IoT for Smart Living and Ageing-Well
Mounir Mokhtari & Fabien Clavier, IPAL CNRS
• Health monitoring and clinical studies - Perspectives from Eldercare
Jit Biswas, A*STAR I²R
• Challenges of the Senior Activity Centre
Julia Lee, TOUCH Community Services

11:45 am: Panel discussion – Translational research from Innovation to Industry: Which

societal and economic impacts?
Chair: Mounir Mokhtari, IPAL CNRS, Singapore
Invited panelists from: Dassault Systèmes, Airbus innovation, HDB, Integrated
Health Information Systems, AXA, NUS Enterprise, French Embassy

12:30 pm: Lunch - buffet

2:00 pm: Demos @ STAR HOME: Smart Living lab for Ageing & Wellbeing
4:00 pm: Informal discussion over coffee - Networking
5:00 pm: Closing of the workshop

NRF CEO Professor Low Teck Seng receives top French honour

25 Mar 2016

Prof Low received the medal of the Légion d'Honneur, the highest order of distinction in France, in recognition of his significant contribution to the scientific collaboration between Singapore and France, during a ceremony at the Embassy of Singapore in Paris on 17 March 2016.

It took place during a visit of a delegation of the National Research Foundation in France, which was received at the CNRS headquarters as well as Institut Mines-Télécom, two of UMI IPAL's partners.


Adapted from an article by CNRS@ASEAN - follow link for Prof Low's short biography.
Clik here to read the press release by the NRF

Photo credit: Vijayaganesh CHELVA KUMAR (MFA, Singapore)