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Oliver Dreesen
Project leader

Institute of Medical Biology, A*STAR

After completing his undergraduate degree in Bern, Switzerland, Oliver worked as a research technician at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, the University of California, San Diego and Lonza AG in Visp, Switzerland. As a graduate student, Oliver moved to the laboratory of Professor George A. M. Cross at the Rockefeller University in New York, where he studied the structure and function of telomeres and telomerase in Trypanosoma brucei. T. brucei is a protozoan parasite and the causative agent of African sleeping sickness. His Ph.D. research revealed that growth and breakage of telomeric repeats play an important role in regulating host immune evasion (antigenic variation) in trypanosomes.

In 2009, Oliver joined the laboratory of Professor Alan Colman at the Institute of Medical Biology in Singapore to study telomeres during cellular reprogramming and in rare genetic human diseases. As a project leader, Oliver is further investigating the role of telomere dysfunction and senescence in human ageing and disease.