IVS4NSC - Intelligent Biomedical Vision System

Quantitative Microscopy in Neural Stem Cells Progenitor Growth and Differentiation

Members & Funding

The IVS4NSC project is a common project between the BioInformatics Institute, the Institute of Medical Biology, the Insitute for Infocomm Research and IPAL, gathering research teams from Biopolis (SBIC) and Fusionopolis (SERC) facilities, under a three years JCO grant (extended recently by 7 months) funding from A*STAR (2009-2013).

Research Focus

The project aims at promoting an Intelligent Vision System for Quantitative Microscopy in Neural Stem Cells Progenitor Growth and Differentiation.

The Neural Stem Cells can be observe during their development and during their diffentiation into specialized cells (Neurones, Astrocytes or Oligodentrocytes).
During their development, one stem cell will proliferate to form a spherical agglomerate of cells call Neurosphere. The two main observations modalities are confocal microscopy and fluorescence markers that allow us to observe in details the neurosphere structure and the cell's membrane and nucleus but none of the cells will survive to the process and the neurosphere will be dead. 

Confocal slices of a neurosphere, with green markers on cell's membrane and blue markers on cell's nucleus

Beside, the phase contrast microscopy provides a 2D time lapse images, but based on the volumic nature of the observed structures. Using this modality, it is possible to continue to observe the neurosphere, once it reach a requiered size, during the differentiation phase, where, using differentiation factors, the cells are forced to morphe into specialized cells of the stem cell lineage, here neural cells.


A 5 days obersvation of one neural cell forming a neurosphere in phase contrast at 40x and Neurosphere cells on contact with differentiation factors starting to morphe into specialised cells.

During the neurosphere development phase, we aim to improve the understanding of the neurosphere development, to develope visualisation tools and to identify neural stem cell before the formation of neurosphere.
Once the cells a differentiated, we aim to develop detection and classification tools to identify and count the different type of cells using none or only one fluoresence biological marker.

Research Team

Lee Hwee Kuan BII Principal Investigator
Sohail Ahmed IMB Principal Investigator
Daniel Racoceanu IPAL / I2R-CNRS Principal Investigator
Lim Joo Hwee IPAL / I2R Principal Investigator
Cheng Li BII Principal Investigator Assitant
Chia Shue Ching I2R Research Engineer
HariHaran Srivats IMB Research Fellow
Huang Chao-Hui BII Post-Doctoral Fellow
Maria Kulikova IPAL / I2R-CNRS Post-Doctoral Fellow
Nicolas Loménie IPAL / I2R-CNRS Research Fellow
Shvetha Sankaran IMB Research Fellow
Stéphane Rigaud IPAL / I2R-CNRS Doctoral Student
Xiong Wei I2R Research Fellow
Yu Weimiao  IMBC Research Fellow
*Images and videos courtesy of A*STAR - IMB