QoL - Quality of Life

The QoL project introduces a stripped down vision of AAL, conceptualised in order to enhance the scalability of deployment of the proposed system. The sensing system is radically simplified, imposing a transfer of complexity towards the algorithmic part taking care of the context awareness. This project targets a deployment of up to 500 individual homes in France by 2015 and we hope to ensure an optimal technology transfer by the creation of a service supporting independant ageing in place.

VHP Inter@ctive - Heathcare and Autonomy at the Living Place

Demonstrate the economic viability of a new service offer, around a mutualized plateform, able to respond to the needs of fragilized and dependent people, by remaining flexible enough to adapt to various contexts. We associate all the actors of the value-added chain, to set-up a multi-regional adaptable demonstrator, allowing its extension to other chronic pathologies and the deployment to all regions of the national territory. This project focuses on the diabetes type 2 pathology, in constant and worying progression.


Members & Funding

The Reliability project is funded by CNRS under the PEPS INS2I/INSMI 2015 call for proposals. The thematic of the call is Fundamentals and Applications of Data Science (FaSciDo). This is a colaborative project between IPAL, LIRMM in Montpellier and NUS School of Computing in Singapore.