Capitalizing on IPAL's expertise in ambient and medical image/information access, IPAL's research now focuses on "Smart City for Inclusive Society". It aims at delivering digital health and inclusive smart spaces to enchance the quality of life of ageing people.

Our vision is to propose and integrate tools delivering real-time services on the move for people, groups and the community at large. Gathering not only sensors, but also enhancing a knowledge base with contextual, social and web data providing an innovative research approach.

Fig1. Toward a joint research programme for IPAL

The multi-disciplinary competencies at play within our research team are coming together to create an integrated knowledge exchange framework which software infrastrucure aims at solving the general problem of linking big data analytics with the internet of services in a smart city context.

Core scientific activities are organized around a value chain for real time services delivery to people: Acquisition - Reasoning - Validation, making up the thre main research axes curently pursued at IPAL. Two additional axes in support systems for digital health and biomedical images understanding contribute to strengthening the holistic approach of the core project.