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Fabian Suchanek

Fabian Suchanek

Professor at Institut Polytechnique de Paris


  • Position

Currently professor at Institut Polytechnique de Paris, Fabian works on knowledge bases, information extraction, automated reasoning, and natural language processing. His and his team’s main projects are the knowledge base YAGO, the rule mining system AMIE, and the information extraction project NoRDF.


  • Research topics with IPAL

Current or Intended projects:

In summer 2023, I will work with Luu Anh Tuan of Nanyang Technological University on domain-specific information extraction. Given a document, the goal is to create a symbolic representation of its content. We will look into symbolic methods, deep learning methods, and neuro-symbolic methods for this goal. This project is part of a larger quest in making information extraction more viable in practice, as the understanding of natural language is a crucial asset in several artificial intelligence applications.


  • Collaborators 

He has several French collaborators, but he would not know whether they would like to be contacted for a visit at IPAL: Chloé Clavel, Gaël Varoquaux, Antoine Amarilli.


  • Intended internship or PhD proposal

No such plans currently.



  • Link to webpage


You can know more about me here: https://suchanek.name/