This doc aims to describe the process and agenda on how to get a PhD co-funding between French universities (UT3, Toulouse, and CYU, Paris Cergy) and A*STAR AGA (ARAP program) under IPAL lab.

The PhD student will:

  • Be registered with the FR university
  • Spend half time in France (Toulouse or Cergy) and half time in Singapore. Long stays on both sides must be planned (1.5-1.5 y ideally; at least 1 year on a given side)
  • Get 2 successive employment contracts (one with the FR univ and one with ASTAR).


  1. Identify a collaborator with the other partner and a topic in accordance with IPAL research themes (
  1. Select a PhD candidate
  2. Send a ½ page project & CV of the candidate to the UT3 or CYU board
  3. February: deadline to submit the application to the board
  4. Between March and May 15th: ASTAR collaborator to seek and obtain endorsement from their ASTAR Research Institute (e.g. I2R, IHPC, BII, etc.) to proceed with ARAP application.
  5. May 15th: deadline to submit the AGA ARAP application.
    (More information:

Important note: for step 6, we only need the in principle approval from AGA. The ARAP agreement will be signed when we get the in principle approval from the university.

  1. June: In principle approval from FR University
  2. October 1st: deadline to get registered with the FR univ (with the 2 in principle approvals)
  3. Send back all the required documents to AGA after formal registration with the FR university for signing the ARAP AGA agreement.


CYU Board

UT3 Board

IPAL Board