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Christophe JOUFFRAIS
Director of IPAL (France)

CNRS Research Director

Dr. Christophe Jouffrais is the director of IPAL Lab (UMI2955). He is still leading a research group at IRIT  (CNRS & Univ of Toulouse) in Toulouse, FR. He is a senior CNRS researcher with a background in Cognitive Sciences, HCI and Assisitive Technologies. He holds a European PhD (2000) in Cognitive Sicences from the University of Lyon, FR and the University of Fribourg, CH. His current research focuses on non-visual spatial perception, action and cognition in visually impaired human, with an emphasis on non-visual human-computer interaction, and Assistive Technologies. Ongoing research projects aimed at designing technologies that help visually impaired users to understand and interact with maps.



Assistive Technology, HCI, Experimental Psychologye, Blind, Visually Impaired, Non-visual Perception and Cognition, Spatial


List of ongoing projects: 

Have a look at the last project on accessible maps for visually impaired users



Christophe.Jouffrais[AT] (replace [AT] with @)
DID: +65 6408 2549