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Chitralekha Gupta

Chitralekha Gupta

Senior Research Fellow


I am currently a Senior Research Fellow working on AI-based topics in audio analysis and synthesis with signal processing and neural networks. Specifically, generative modeling for audio synthesis, audio classification, music information retrieval topics such as audio-to-lyrics alignment, music transcription, and singing voice analysis.


  • Research topics with IPAL

Current or Intended projects:

We have an intended collaborative project being proposed with IPAL on the topic “AI-based tools for human-swarm interaction”, where the main goal is to design and develop AI-based tools for a single human operator to plan and supervise a mission with multiple UAVs (autonomous and collaborative). I will be working on the topic of augmented remote scene perception building AI-based scene sonification models as well as AI-based multimodal audio scene analysis techniques for restricted visual conditions.