Damien MAZEAS personal page


Research Associate


As a Research Fellow, I am involved in the WP4 of the DesCartes Program.

I work on Human-drone interaction.


  • Research topics with IPAL

Current or Intended projects:

Investigate the principles and techniques that govern the design, operation, and evaluation of robots intended for remote inspection. Study how humans and robots communicate, collaborate and coexist, aiming to improve efficiency and safety. Leverage technologies such as XR and distributed systems.

  • Immersive technologies can facilitate telepresence, where a human operator can remotely control a robot. Operators can feel like they are in the robot’s environment, leading to more intuitive and effective control.
  • Distributed systems enable multiple robots and human operators to share real-time information. When combined with immersive technologies, this can lead to shared virtual spaces where humans and robots can collaborate. For example, in a virtual assembly task, humans and robots can see virtual representations of each other’s actions and intentions, improving coordination.

Ultimately, integrating autonomy ensures drones can efficiently navigate challenging environments in remote inspections, while human operators can intervene when human knowledge is required. This synergy between machine autonomy and human expertise ensures thorough and accurate inspections.


  • Collaborators¬†

Christophe Jouffrais, Wei Tsang OOI, Peisen XU