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Gauthier Faisandaz

Gauthier Faisandaz

PhD student

  • Research topics with IPAL

Facing the ever-growing number of functionalities performed with a computer in various contexts of use (e.g., desktop computers, augmented tables, mobile phones), users must access an expanding command space. This comes at a cost of more complex interaction paths through several steps and interaction modes. In this context, we aim at increasing the expressive power of input without sacrificing the ease to learn and perform by leveraging eyes-free micro-gestures interactions.

By doing so we particularly target users with visual impairments. Certainly, such modality of interaction could greatly improve their experience in many situations where they need to actively explore an interactive document (e.g, a map, a chart…) by reducing both travel time of the hand and cognitive load usually required to interact with more traditional interfaces.

  • Collaborators at IPAL

Christophe Jouffrais (PhD Co-supervisor with Laurence Nigay, UGA, France)

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