IRL IPAL and DesCartes Program

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IPAL takes part in the CNRS@CREATE Program DesCartes. Program DesCartes aims to develop disruptive hybrid AI to serve the smart city and to enable optimized decision-making in complex situations, encountered for critical urban systems. 

DesCartes is a program with a SGD ~50 Million budget over 5 years, led by Professor Francisco “Paco” Chinesta from ENSAM. It is a cross disciplinary program, involving core science (mathematics, computer science, physics) as well as human sciences, with (Artificial) “Intelligence” at its core, with expertises in:

-AI: learning, optimisation…,
-Engineering: analysis and assimilation of data at the heart of physical systems (hardware, sensors, models, management and decision
support), model reduction, virtual or augmented reality techniques, command and control, around energy, structures, NDT and SHM, and complex systems.
-Data Sciences,
-Signal Processing,
-Formal Methods and Trusted AI (explainability and verification),
-Human Computer Interaction,
-Language Processing,
-Human Sciences: Philosophy, Law, Communication, Human-Machine co-creation….

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