ISS 2020: Honorable Mention Award

The paper by C. Jouffrais and co-authors entitled /VibHand: On-Hand Vibrotactile Interface Enhancing Non-Visual Exploration of Digital Graphics/, has been selected to receive a Best of ISS *Honorable Mention Award*. The Best of ISS Awards honor exceptional submissions to the conference; receiving an Honorable Mention Award indicates that your paper was identified by the ISS Program Committee Members and ISS Best Paper Committee as being among the top 5% of all submissions to ISS 2020.

In this paper, Christophe and his co-authors designed designed and evaluated an on-hand vibrotactile interface that enables users with visual impairment to explore digital graphics presented on tablets. The results show that on-hand vibrotactile cues can enhance the non-visual exploration of digital graphics. This study may have applications in the field of accessibility of graphics for people with visual impairments.

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