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Joo Hwee Lim

Joo Hwee Lim

Co-director of IPAL

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Principal Scientist, Department Head (Visual Intelligence)

  • Research topics with IPAL

Augmented Intelligence (A-I): to investigate Human-Machine Symbiosis, synergizing AI and HCI elements, for seamless human machine collaborative decision making

  • Collaborators at IPAL

Christophe JOUFFRAIS (CNRS), Wei Tsang OOI (NUS), Ying SUN (A*STAR), Jamie NG (A*STAR), Lai Xing NG (A*STAR)

  • Supervisions at IPAL

Current PhD students at IPAL: TBD

Current Interns at IPAL: TBD

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You can know more about me here: https://