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I am currently a PhD student in AI and HCI for Electron Microscopy at CEMES-CNRS and ENAC.
I’m working on evaluating the feasibility of using AI to automate a specific operation on Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) as well as the possibility to use HCI techniques especially visualization to provide feedback and intuitive control upon the instrument.


  • Research topics with IPAL

Current or Intended projects:

A TEM is a scientific device for studying matter at the micro- or even nanoscale. At the CEMES, we have a Hitachi electron microscope that allows us to know and adjust all the parameters that can be modified by the user. It also has an electron camera that allows us to set up feedback loops or to use models to control these parameters. Previous work on the use of AI to predict image properties based on the configuration and the other way around led us to two axes that we deem interesting. The first is to integrate online RL methods directly on the microscope because the microscope inevitably presents a drift over time which makes offline learning less interesting. To this end, we are particularly interested in algorithms such as DDPG, Soft Action Critic, and work on intrinsic motivation. The second axis is the coupling between reinforcement learning and user interaction (Interactive RL). Indeed, the environment is conducive to this type of experimentation with varied and quantifiable needs, almost total control of the parameters, possible comparison with simulations, and support for the interaction already implemented. We intend to work on those issues with IPAL and A* at Singapore.


  • Collaborators 

Sylvain Pauchet, Martin Hytch, Qianli Xu,  Fang Fen