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I am currently a PhD Student in the National University of Singapore and I also work in the CNRS@CREATE under the Descartes Project. I am interested in Explainable AI, aviation and human-computer interaction. For my current project, I am also interested in generative AI.


  • Research topics with IPAL

Current or Intended projects:

Plausible Data Synthesis using Diffusion Models: In this project, we intent to develop ways for experts to interact with generative diffusion models. The intended objective is to generate datasets of rare classes (in this case, aircraft defects). The generated datasets are reviewed by a domain expert, which can give feedback using an interface. The provided feedback is then used during the generation process to propose images that are more plausible to the expert.

This project is related to AI and HCI.


  • Collaborators¬†

One of the supervisors of my PhD is Christophe Hurter, who is professor at the Interactive Data Visualization group (part of the DEVI team) of the French Civil Aviation University (ENAC) in Toulouse.