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Mathias Quoy

Mathias Quoy

  • Position

Directeur de Recherche (DR2) CNRS
Director of IPAL lab, IRL2955, Singapore
Director of Cherchons pour Voir lab (CNRS-IJA common lab on assistive technologies for people with visual impairments), Toulouse, France

  • Research topics with IPAL

Spatial Perception and Cognition
Visual Impairments
Non Visual Human-Machine Interaction
Assistive Technologies
Visual Impairments

  • Collaborators at IPAL

Wei Tsang OOI, Joo Hwee LIM, Shen Zhao, Vincent Charvillat, Axel Carlier

  • Supervisions at IPAL

Current PhD students at IPAL: Julien Desvergnes, Gauthier Faisandaz

Current Interns at IPAL

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You can know more about me here: