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Nicolas Cuperlier

Nicolas Cuperlier

Associate Professor, CYU Cergy Paris University

  • Position and research topics

Associate Professor at ETIS lab (CYU / ENSEA/ CNRS), Neurocybernetics team, at CYU Cergy Paris University

My research interests include visual perception, sensorimotor learning, the interplay between emotion and cognition for the self-assessment of robot, autonomous robotics, and self-driving vehicles. More precisely my work focuses on spatial cognition and navigation behaviors in both biological and robotic systems which are studied through a neurorobotic approach where bio-inspired models are embodied and evaluated in mobile robotic platforms (vehicles, flying drones…).

Themes: Spatial perception and cognition, Vision-Based Mobile Robotics, Neurorobotics, Bio-inspired AI, Embodied AI, Efficient AI

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  • Current or Intended projects in relation with IPAL

Co-supervisor of the PhD of Geoffroy Keime and participant of the SpaceSNN project (IA), leaded by Benoît Cottereau (CNRS), Gim Hee Lee (NUS) and Angela Wand (SUTD). More specifically, I am involved in the work package of this project dealing with hybrid approaches for simultaneous visual localisation and mapping (VSLAM) which aims to provide a new and efficient solution based on a bio-inspired neural architecture (SNN) for processing the visual information provided by an event-driven camera allowing to learn a robust spatial code.

  •  IPAL Research Theme

I may contribute to the following IPAL Research Themes:

– Theme 2: AI & HCI (human spatial perception, sensorimotor learning through human interactions)

– Theme 5: Efficient AI (frugal AI, bio-inspired computing)

  • Collaborators 

Benoît Cottereau / Gim Hee Lee (NUS) et Angela Wang (SUTD) (current collaboration)

A project attempt with Terence SIM (NUS) past years.

  • Intended internship or PhD proposal