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TEO Sin-Gee

TEO Sin-Gee

Research Scientist, A*STAR

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Lead for AI for Cybersecurity Initiative

  • Research topics with IPAL

– Deep Learning Based Malware Detection System without Feature Engineering (AI for Cybersecurity).

– Reliable and Robust Linux Malware Detection Research based on Artificial Intelligence Technologies (AI for Cybersecurity).

– Quality Assurance for Machine Learning-Enabled Systems (AI for Cybersecurity).• FedEnergy: *SDN based Personalized Federated Learning for Energy Consumption and Recommendation ((AI for Cybersecurity).

– Adaptive Adversarial Learning and Defense Framework (ARIER): Improving Robustness of Artificial-Intelligence-Based Malware Classification Model against Adversarial Attacks with Respect to Camouflage Malicious Code (AI for Cybersecurity).

– Privacy-Preserving Distributed Learning Framework (AI for Cybersecurity).


  • Collaborators at IPAL


  • Supervisions at IPAL

The following topics are for both intended internship and PhD. proposal.

  • Data mining and AI applications for cybersecurity.
  • Data-driven cybersecurity innovation.
  • Modelling and simulation of cyber systems and system components.
  • Data mining approaches to make cyber systems secure and resilient.
  • Human behavior models with application to cybersecurity.
  • AI tools and techniques, mental resilience, and cybersecurity.
  • Data mining for cybersecurity software verification and validation.
  • Automation of heterogeneous security tools.
  • Decision making with uncertainty in cyber systems.
  • Security and privacy.
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