Thanh NGUYEN personal page




  • Position and research topics

I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science at the National University of Singapore, supervised by Assoc. Prof. Wei Tsang Ooi. I am also a recipient of the A*STAR Computing and Information System (ACIS) Scholarship, under the research attachment with the Institute for Infocomm Research. My research interests are machine learning and operations research.

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  • Current or intended projects in relation with IPAL

I am currently working on the DesCartes Program, specifically, DesCartes WP4. I am working on problems related to video prediction and trajectory prediction.

  • IPAL Research Theme

– Theme 2: AI & HCI (Augmented Human, Augmented Cognition, etc.)

– Theme 5: Efficient AI

  • French and/or Singaporean collaborators

Current collaborators: Wei Tsang Ooi (NUS, IPAL), Benoit Cottereau (CNRS, IPAL), Ying Sun (A*STAR)