Yannis MONTREUIL personal page




    • Position and Research Topics
    • I am currently a second-year PhD student in Computer Science at the National University of Singapore (NUS), focusing on Robust Human-AI Collaboration. I am intrigued by the potential synergies between human insight and algorithmic efficiency in improving decision processes. My work navigates the intersection of statistics and machine learning, aiming to unlock novel insights in this interdisciplinary field.

      I have the privilege of being mentored by Ass/Prof. Ooi Wei Tsang (NUS), Dr. Lai Xing Ng (A*STAR), and Ass/Prof. Axel Carlier (INP). My research is supported by NUS, AI-Singapore, A*STAR, and CNRS@CREATE, under the DesCartes Program.

      Personal webpage: https://yannismontreuil.github.io/

    •  IPAL Research Themes
    • Theme 2: AI & HCI (Augmented Human, Augmented Cognition, etc.

    • French and/or Singaporean Collaborators 
    • Singapore: Ass/Prof. Ooi Wei Tsang, Dr. Lai Xing Ng
      France: Ass/Prof. Axel Carlier.